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Deidra from Las Vegas said:
"I couldn't believe what happened. I was cleaning the house for my daughter's birthday party when I heard a loud bang come from the garage. I was shocked. When my husband was coming home, I guess our garage door opener broke, and this was a huge problem. Now our garage door was stuck half open, making our home look shoddy. On top of that, our busted garage door opener kept making strange noises and was pouring smoke into our garage and bedroom. I couldn't stand for this, but luckily, a friend of mine had gone with Las Vegas Garage Door Company. I gave them a call, and right away they sent someone out to take care of my garage door opener. He showed up early, and immediately figured out what was wrong with my opener. He told me that he could fix my garage door opener, or replace it with a brand new one. I never felt any pressure, and I opted to buy a brand new genie garage door opener. Within the same day, my garage door was back to work and my daughter's guests didn't have to see an ugly, broken garage door when they came over. Thank you Las Vegas Garage Door Co.!"

Harry from Las Vegas said:
"You never expect something to happen to your garage door. It's something I always took for granted. I thought my garage door would always just open and close whenever I needed. Well, that's not always the case, as one day I was literally trapped in my garage. Prisoner in my own garage. I couldn't believe it. I mean, I could get out because there's a manual way to open my garage door, but that just felt ridiculous. I went inside and called Las Vegas Garage Door Co., and they sent someone out right away to help me. I'll admit I left for a while to do some groceries, but the guy was waiting for me when I got back, and was able to fix it no problem. Turns out it was some little problem with my garage door's springs, or something. Anyway, Las Vegas Garage Door Co. was able to help me quickly, and on the cheap, so I'll be using them everytime my garage door has problems. At least now I know not to take my garage door for granted."

Bill from Las Vegas said:
"At my auto shop, I rely on my gate to keep my customer's cars secure. I rely on my garage door to keep my equipment secure. I also rely on that to keep me open for business. If my ramset gate, or my garage door stopped working at any point, I'd be plum out of luck. There was a day where my gate wouldn't open, and I was frantic for help. I called Las Vegas Garage Doors, and they immediately came out and fixed that stubborn old gate of mine. They also inspected the door to my garage and noticed some faults with it. They gave me a quote on the spot and had what they needed to fix up my garage door, do some overdue annual garage door maintenance for me, and even fix my slow moving garage door opener. It's a good thing the guy from Las Vegas Garage Door Co. had his business card, cause I'll be calling him everytime I have an issue.

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